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EDF - European Darts Federation
Hotline: 0043 699 112 00 531 - Mail: info@edf-dart.com

EDF - European Dart Championship 2022

Friday, 26th August - Friday, 2nd September 2022

Terme Olimia - Slowenia

Once again! Also in 2022 in the wonderful location “Terme Olimia”!

Despite construction work last year, we all agreed that this place, the sports hall and the accommodation was the perfect location for the EDF European Darts Championship. In a nutshell: this is the reason why we decided to do this event once again here!
Due to the pandemic, we implemented the measures of the Slovenian government for you in the best possible way last year without causing you unnecessary difficulties. Also this year we will try not to put any unnecessary obstacles in your way.

One more time, there are many advantages to report about the upcoming EDF Championship:
This year we also set the due date by the last two weeks of August - to enable families with school-age children to participate in the event. The management of the Terme Olimia was very kind, hence we could agree upon fair prices for the accommodation although we play in the high season.

The best date for this year - Friday 26th Aug till Friday 2nd Sep 2022 - is necessary, because so we can get more beds!

IMPORTANT: Like in the past year, your can book right HERE on this homepage.

This is the easiest way of booking - for us as well as for the Terme Olimia.
We will inform you on facebook, when Online Booking starts: online booking form will be available on this page, where you can book comfortably. There is plenty of information on the site, which will make it easier for you to decide which accommodation you should choose.
This year, we were able to achieve an extra treat in our preliminary negotiations. These great prizes are valid as early bird prices until May 31, 2022.
Here are the services:

  • Reduced room rates when booking online
  • offers suitable for anybody:
  • Dorf Lipa***, Appartmenthotel Rosa***, Hotel Breza****, Hotel Sotelia****s
  • Use of the spa is included in all bookings
  • - only Family Fun and Orchidelia has to be paied extra
  • Aqualuna- the paradise for children is also free of charge
  • Fitness Room is also free of charge
  • many options are possible: rent only, with breakfast or half board - we are sorry, but full board is not avaiable
  • Family friendly: free of charge for infants, reduced for children

  • In Terme Family Fun you have only to pay 5,- Euros for Childs and 10,- Euro for Adults per day.

    If necessary, bus tours will also be organized. About this you will also be informed on this page!

    Important for all those who have already booked:
    If in the originally confirmation (which was sent to you by e-mail) the specified number of beds do not apply as “booked”. You will read the words
    noch nicht belegt
    You can replace these words by the names of the persons.
    To do this, please click on the Change booking button at the top of the menu. There you can enter your booking code, and fill in the names. Attention: You cannot replace already registered names – for changes like this you have to inform us by mail!

    Thank you again for the great trust that you put back into us this year.

    Take a look at our homepage from time to time – you will find more information over the next months. THANK YOU!

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