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EDF - European Darts Federation
Hotline: 0043 699 112 00 531 - Mail: info@edf-dart.com

EDF - European Dart Championship 2021

Friday, 20 - Friday, 27 August 2021

Therme Olimia - Slovenia


Dear EDF friends,

The booking option for the EDF-EDC 2021 in Olimia from 20.8. - 27.8.2021.
As all of you know, everything will get a little more complicated with the current Covid-19 situation.
But we are still in good spirits to be able to set up a great event.


Barry Hearn, the Chairman of the PDC and World-Snooker showed us how you can safely hold events with simple but ingenious concepts even in difficult times. Hearn is an impressive personality who I got to know during a PDC World Championship in London.
At the moment the Snooker World Championships are taking place with spectators in Sheffield, England. The concept is simple, all spectators are only allowed to enter the event area with a valid negative test report. It works great (at least so far) and doesn't involve a lot of effort.
What does that mean for our event?
We are now just waiting for the approval of the Slovenian government to hold the event with our concept.

It's planned:

  • a test center on the event site, (and) or in one of the hotels in Olimia
  • Possibility for everyone to be tested without much effort
  • Admission to the event area only with a valid player card
  • The validity of the test confirmations are linked to the player card
  • Arrival and check-in at the hotels with a valid negative test report (max. 48 hours old)
  • If possible, a vaccination certificate is sufficient so that you do not have to constantly test.
  • The advantages are apparent. We can therefore move relatively easily in the event area.
    Since there is still about 4 months until the event, it may of course be the case that measures have to be adapted, or that there are even simplifications. The 'green passport', which is hopefully functioning until then, could perhaps help us with this.


    The important things first. With the beginning of the booking everyone receives a booking confirmation and NO invoice. There is also NO deposit required!
    This means that everyone can book without risk and in the event of a cancellation by EDF, or if you change your mind later, you can cancel without any problems.
    It is all the more IMPORTANT that you do not lose any time at the beginning of the booking to get a booking confirmation!
    Only when we are all certain that the event can take place will we send out the bills. You then have 10 days to pay the entire invoice amount. If this does not happen, we will cancel without further request. Bookers who are on the waiting list then come to the train.

    IMPORTANT: these booking confirmations are NOT a guarantee that you will get the rooms. We don't yet know for sure whether all the rooms will be available to us. Of course, the order in which the bookings are received is prioritized!

    So again. The start of booking depends on approval from the Slovenian government. You will definitely be informed in good time via facebook and on the website (www.edf-dart.com)!

    Dear darts greetings

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