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EDF - European Darts Federation
Hotline: 0043 699 112 00 531 - Mail: info@edf-dart.com

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'The prices shown are room prices. If a room is not fully occupied, the full room price must still be paid!
''ATTENTION: Names no longer need to be entered EVERYONE has to REGISTER separately, a separate link will be activated later in the menu!
Children: : 0-4.99 years free, 5-11.99 years 50% discount
(Please write name, date of birth and everything you should know in 'Remark')
(Please write name, date of birth and everything you should know in 'Remark') Fill out the person responsible (below) completely, then a drop-down will appear below! Now you can choose the different accommodation options.
You will receive an invoice from the spa within a few days of booking online. You must then have paid a 50% deposit to the EDF account by 14 days after the date on the invoice!
If no money has arrived by this time, the accommodation can be reassigned!!!

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